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ecommerce based on the popular Angular 8 framework. Modern and faster development. Easy deployment

Modular Code

This component based architecture results clean and modular code which has the power to acomodate any ecommerce customizations.


Built upon the Full Stack Javascript framework with javascript based MongoDB database which makes it even faster.

About ShopNx

ShopNx is a Javascript ecommerce software that focus mainly on speed and ease of use. It is built over the cutting edge technology and purely modular code.

This is based on ReST API and disconnected architecture. Hence you are free to use any front-end or backend. For the same reason I separated both store front and store back office. Now you are free to use any ecommerce service like Moltin or even Firebase.

This has the potential to be converted to any type of ecommerce from Fashion Store, Electronics, Grocery Store with a little customizations

  • Fast and light weight
  • MEAN API / NodeJS + Javascript + MongoDB + Angular (speed + simplicity)
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • High Usability, simplicity, cleanliness
  • Responsive front+back-ends which work
  • OAUTH Login (local, facebook)
  • Product variants, wishlist, Reviews and Ratings, Emails,Filters, Multicurrency
  • Modular application structure
  • Multiple customer address support
  • Streamlined orders management & processing in the backend
  • Stripe is finally there and works
  • 100 Light House Score (out of 100) + offline enabled
  • Multilingual
  • Enhanced multiple variations
  • Simplified, but more powerful admin

Uses all javascript technology(Full Stack). Hence require cloud infrastructure for hosting. You may choose any cloud provider like Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Linode, etc. It uses the following Frameworks and Database

  • Angular v8 (Client Side Scripting)
  • NodeJS (To build highly scalable server)
  • MongoDB (The database)

This is highly scalable and can handle many connections at a time. Ecommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart are based on the same cloud infrastructure.

Being an asynchronous event driven architecture its speed goes upto 5 fold as compared to existing php or wordpress based ecommerce solutions.